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Lesson Two: Drawing in Perspective

Adding perspective to your drawing makes things even more interesting, and it’s incredibly easy to do. All you have to do is add a Vanishing Point to your Horizon Line (the line where the sky ends and the ground begins, or where the walls end and the floor begins, you get the idea)

There are really only three types of perspective:
  • One Point Perspective 
  • Two Point Perspective 
  • Three Point Perspective

To get started, go ahead and draw a few shapes (I’ll use squares for this example)

Now go ahead and draw in the Vanishing Point where all lines eventually meet. This video clip shows how this can be done.

You should end up with something like this

In two and three point perspective, the same principle applies expect 
there's more than one vanishing point. 

Here is an example of two points, remember, 
in perspective the "parallel lines" rule does not apply. 

And Here is an example of three point perspective, 
you can click on this image to enlarge.

go ahead and practice doing several sketches with some perspective, you can use a ruler to make sure
all your lines meet exactly at each vanishing point.

Lesson One: Drawing Basic Shapes

One of the easiest ways to be able to draw anything is to break things down into basic shapes.

Take a sheet of paper and draw as many basic shapes as you can think of, like the ones on this image, or whatever other shape you can think of.

 Adding Depth

Adding depth to your shapes just makes everything much more interesting. A key element in adding depth is being an expert at drawing Parallel Lines (lines that run in the same direction, like train tracks). Take sheet of paper and practice your Parallel Lines.

Now let apply the concept of parallel lines to our shapes.

As we can see in this image, the blue, the red and the yellow lines are parallel to each other.

For round shapes, all your really have to do, is just add shadows.

Here is a short video clip of how I drew these shapes, and added a little depth to them. Take sometime to practice drawing shapes and adding depth to them, use up several sheets of paper if you have to, no such thing as too much practice.

Here are a few example of how shapes are in pretty much everything we see.